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The Micro Republic of Altrightistan or Altrightistan is a Micro-Nation that was founded in the Early December of 2016 by a group of Shitposters, Lead by a known Right-Wing Instagram account.

Government Positions and Leaders

  • Leader : Louis (louisianabal)
  • Inner Cabinet : Texas, Sleepy, Shortline


The Micro Republic of Altrightistan, commonly known as Altrightistan is a Micro-nation founded in early December of 2016 on Instagram, the idea coming from the moderators of the account: ConservativeGeorgia(now known as @respublico), who began posting about their nation in mid December. Quickly, General, as he is commonly known, created the account: Altrightistan, which grew to a respectably large size quickly and drew in other notable members, such as Louis, Seth Willman, Texas, Tennessee (now deceased), Michigan (now deceased), and others. It now exists almost completely on Discord, with a server of well over one hundred members.

After the event known as the Construction period where many ideas were implemented into the building of Altrightistan. Shortly after the Construction period Altrightistan entered into what is known as the Crisis Period which all activity in Altrightistan dropped dramatically which limited growth of Altrightistan. This Period lasted from December 31st, 2016 to January 10th, 2017. Of course Altrightistan recovered from this Crisis Period and continued it's forward charge to become a Micro-Nation. As Altrightistan moved out into the open internet so did Corruption, The first case of Corruption came from Altrght.Texas who then was know as Altrightistan Texas Ball, He violated many rules in place and was the first Official to be charged under a make-shift justice system. He, along with the government stripped away the rights of Parliament, causing many to want reform and the recreation of Parliament, reform was made but not Parliament, the government was fleshed out to prevent over centralization aside from the President and more citizens were allowed in. It wasn't until the month of September where Parliament was brought back and the elections started again. The Parliament was reformed into the Senate and ruled with General for several months until the month of February where the leadership was passed to Altrightistan.Louis, who disbanded the Senate, creating a more autocratic military dictatorship.

Fun Facts

  • Even though Altrightistan came First, Altrightistan is Modeled off of Kekistan in Memes and in Origin.
  • Altrightistan is a Discord and Instagram based (Internet) Micro-Nation, Completely opposite of /pol's Kekistan which is based on Twitter and on /pol
  • Despite the name, Altrightistan is majorically fascist and generally dislikes the ideals of the Alt-Right.

Latest activity

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